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The Best Types of Surveys for Business Growth

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As you work on growing your business, providing service to your customers and making the tough decisions, you would need to carry out a lot of research. This is where surveys come in. Surveys make research less tedious and arm you with relevant information for better decision-making.

Knowing what survey your business needs, how to create one, who it is targeted towards and how to reach this target audience should be a priority for any business owner. When properly carried out, these surveys below an aid the exponential growth of any business.

NPS surveys

The Net Promoter Score survey (NPS) measures and predicts how likely your customers are to recommend your business to their friends or return. These surveys are a fast, efficient and seamless way to measure customer experience, customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. The NPS survey consists of a two-part questionnaire. The first part is where you ask your customer to rate your business, product or service on a scale of 0 to 10. The second part is a follow-up, open-ended question as to why the specific score was given. Depending on their response, your respondents would be grouped into three categories: Promoters (loyal customers, your 9 and 10s), Passives (unenthusiastic customers, your 7 and 8s) and Detractors (unhappy customers, your 6 to 0s). This insight would help tailor your growth strategy.

Usability Surveys

These types of surveys collect feedback from website visitors to gauge your website’s usability. A bad website can turn something that's supposed to attract customers into something that repels them. You can avoid all that by using usability surveys. They provide answers to questions such as; what elements on your website work well? What do visitors like about your website? What problems do visitors face, and what causes them? Does the website look and work well on their devices? Insights gathered will help you improve your website and boost conversion rates.

Exit Interview Surveys

There are millions of reasons people leave their job: pay, conflict with staff, lack of benefits, unfavourable work culture, and so on. Exit interview surveys are the best way to figure out why people leave your company. According to Harvard Business Review, many companies don’t even conduct these interviews. Some collect exit interview data but don’t analyze it. Some analyze it but don’t share it with the senior line leaders who can act on it. Only a few collect, analyze, and share the data and follow up with action. If done right, exit interview surveys can help senior line managers discover what’s working and what’s not, and also promote talent retention as it signals to employees that their opinions count.

Market Research Surveys

These types of surveys generate valuable, insightful data that can help you as a business owner develop better strategies, identify new opportunities and give information about competitor’s performance

To ensure you maximize your returns on this type of research, it is important that you develop a well tailored question set and analyze the data in a way that allows you to identify key differences and preferences in your target market.

Job Satisfaction Surveys

A job satisfaction survey is a great way to check if your employees are happy with their working environment. This is particularly important because the state of mind of your employees can affect their output which can affect growth and how they relate with customers. Businesses benefit immensely from knowledge driven data. Carry out one or more of these surveys per your unique needs and watch growth surge.

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