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Customizable “Thank you page” for Useforms - A boost for your business’ branding.

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Over the past few weeks, Useforms has been committed to improving its customers' experience.

If you have created a Useforms account, you will agree that the current experience on Useforms is totally different from what it used to be; this and many more is what we promised when we say we’re changing the game of data collection.

Today, we’re happy to let you know that the most asked feature on Useforms in the past few weeks is now live - A customizable ‘Thank you page’ for all paid users and a new ‘Thank you’ page for everyone on a free Useforms account.

Delighting your form respondents is a vital step to gaining their trust and commitment for your business or hustle. Whether you’re using Useforms for customer surveys, feedback collection or just to gather any kind of information, you want to thank your respondents for airing their opinions and maybe communicate some key messages while at it.

The perfect way to do this is to customize your thank you page in a way that reflects what you want to say and achieve.

Here is how to use the customizable ‘Thank you’ page feature on Useforms.

1. Open up a form as shown below Screenshot from Useform's form builder

  1. Click the ‘edit message’ button at the bottom left corner of your screen Screenshot from Useform's form builder

  2. Choose the perfect avatar that communicates the mood of your form Screenshot from Useform's form builder

  3. Fill the title page with a catchy phrase, and the description box with an additional message you want to communicate. Screenshot from Useform's form builder

  4. Hit the save button, and there you go! Screenshot from Useform's form builder

Remember that branding starts with the way you make your customer feel, so don’t neglect the slightest opportunity to make your form respondents feel special.

In case you need any help, our customer experts are a click away: or follow our social media pages.

Charles Ani

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